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Best Ballpark Memory: WINNER!

Best Ballpark Memory: WINNER!
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Submitted by: Ben

Age: Young enough to think the Cubs can win it every year - Old enough to experience the heartbreak


One of my favorite moments was being at Wrigley Field for Randy Myers' Poster Day.  It was a great summer day and one of the first times my dad and I went to Wrigley Field when I was a kid.  And I was so excited to leave the ballpark with a sweet Randy Myers Poster. Just like any kid - I love collecting things from the ballpark (heck, still do...)  

The Cubs were down for the early part of the game, but battled back to have the lead going in the late innings.  So on Randy Myers Day, with thousands of people clutching his likeness in their hands - Randy Myers can come out and be the hero.  

Everyone is excited for his shining moment.... but, he then promptly blows the lead and a shower of Randy Myers Posters erupts from the bleachers and the stands.  I will never forget all those shiny white rolls of paper in the sunlight falling down and covering the outfield. And the 20 minute delay for the grounds crew to pick them all up.  

I kept my poster - first, I was stunned anybody throw away a sweet Cubs poster and second it was a collectible now - everybody else got rid of theirs (and third - we were sitting a little too far back for me to make it to the field).  

To this day - I love Wrigley Field, I love the crazy Cub Fans and I love going to the ballpark because you never know what will happen.  The funny thing is I actually think I might still have that poster in a box in my parent's attic somewhere collecting dust.


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