We love to see our Ballpark Blueprints prints in the news and on the web. Here are some recent stories and posts about our products.


Wall Street Journal

Featured in the Wall Street Journal Off Duty Fall 50 - your guaranteed-tasteful guide to the season. Fifty ideas, adventures, looks, gadgets and distractions that will help you make the most of autumn.

Man Made DIY

Man Made DIY

"From the Roman Colosseum to the new Levi's Stadium, sporting arenas with all of their sights, smells, and local flavors, are a major part of the sports experience. Ballpark Blueprints LTD creates these original artistic renderings in an attempt to capture the beauty of sports stadiums."

Sports Illustrated

"Okay, so these blueprints won’t let you actually build your favorite baseball or football stadium, but a pair of stadium lovers have crafted hand-drawn artistic posters of some of the nation’s top stadiums that at least make it look like you could build these venues. And they plan to keep on drawing."

Mile High Report - A SB Nation Blog

"The perfect addition to a Broncos fan's Man Cave."




Huffington Post

Featured birthday gifts for boyfriends. "...it makes for great art and it honours your boyfriend's love for baseball."


Red Reporter - A SB Nation Blog

"I think those look pretty slick, personally"

Field Gulls - A SB Nation Blog

"These are really cool..."

Coudal Partners

"For the baseball fan in your life..."

So Freaking Cool

"Baseball and architect fans will enjoy these iconic Ballpark Blueprints"

The Roosevelts

"A no brainer for any baseball fan. These hand-drawn architectural blueprints of MLB’s most famous fields come in 18″ x 24″ prints and are definitely a must have if you call yourself a true fan."



"If baseball season is year-round for you, allow us to recommend a print for your office or den: 18” x 24” posters featuring hand-drawn architectural blueprints of MLB’s most famous fields: Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field, Fenway, etc."

Pinstripe Alley

"...a cool gift that is different from regular old Yankee Stadium posters."

Bleed Cubbie Blue

"I think these are really nice-looking posters, and a different and offbeat way of showing Wrigley."