by Thomas Young March 01, 2016

Submitted by: Robert

Age: around 40


The year was 1997, the date was September 25th.  I remember like it was yesterday, my buddy picked me up and we made the drive from Texas City to Houston as fast as possible.

The game had already started, we bought tix in the 600 level, cheapest we could find at the gate; we were so excited, knowing that this night was the night "WE", the Astros, were going to clinch the Division and finally get back to the playoffs!  

We didn't even sit in our assigned seats- we had no plans on ever sitting in our seats. Our plan...was to get as close to the field as possible.  Each inning passed and with that, we found our way closer and closer to the lower levels until we were 10 rows back on the 3rd baseline during the 9th inning.  

Everyone was excited, my buddy and I especially!  With the fans standing on their feet, we made our way to the handrail just pass the visitors dugout, I remember telling my buddy..."We are doing this!"  He just nodded, by then the fans in those seats realized what we were going to do, rush the field as soon as we clinched.  

I remember seeing Sosa swing the bat and make contact, knowing it was a ground ball but not actually seeing where it was going; in that instant moment, we both climbed up on the rail and leaped onto the field. I remember on the way down thinking "this is a lot further up than it looks" and then my feet hitting the green astroturf, we both looked up quickly behind us and the fans were cheering, like kids on the last day of school being let out, we took off as fast as possible towards the pitchers mound, the crowd cheering, fireworks going off, the next thing that I know we are in the middle of the team celebration!

Hugging Brad Ausmus, giving high-fives to Derek Bell and having Bagwell brush my back with his during the celebration, and the best part...nobody tried stopping us (at least, I don't recall).  

Never in my life had I done anything like that but that night it was all worth it.  It seemed as if we had celebrated on the field for hours, the team finally was ushered into the locker room and by then more fans starting rushing the field.  It was a moment I will never forget and will cherish until the day I die.  

Thomas Young
Thomas Young


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