Sports Architecture News: Penn State To Save $200M by Spending $700M on Beaver Stadium

The Trustees at Penn State University have approved a $700M renovation to Beaver Stadium, to be completed between the 2024 and 2027 offseasons.
The updated Beaver Stadium facade, per Penn State press release.


Repeat. This is a renovation. For three quarters of a billion dollars.

To put this in perspective, if this were a new stadium build for that amount, it would put it in the top-25 most expensive stadiums ever built. (Of course, the renovations at Everbank Stadium in Jacksonville -- at $1.5 billion -- put it in the top-5 in terms of new construction cost for a stadium. In the history of the world.)

Now, Penn State has a rich history in college sports, and Beaver Stadium has been there for more than 60 years, so we get updating and modernizing.

Fans in Happy Valley can also look forward to many of architecture's hottest buzzwords, as the Trustees have promised that the new Beaver Stadium will be Committed to Global Sustainability, Feature a High Standard of Energy Efficiency, and a Focus on Modernizing Operational Standards that will Leverage Technology that will Create Personalized, Immersive Visits which Showcase Penn State's Areas of Distinction.

The best part is that by spending $700M now, Penn State will actually SAVE $200M in major maintenance costs that build up over time. So, it's like it's almost free.

Kidding aside, a game at Beaver Stadium should be on every sports fan's bucket list. As the second biggest stadium in the world, the gameday vibe at Penn State is world-class. Congrats to Penn State, and we look forward to seeing the progress at Beaver Stadium.

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