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Ballpark Profile: Yankee Stadium

Ballpark Profile: Yankee Stadium
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Name: Yankee Stadium

Location: Bronx, New York

Opened: 16 April 2009

Architect: HOK Sport

Cost: $2.3 Billion

Capacity: 50,287 (original)
                47,309 (current)

Surface: Kentucky Bluegrass

There's not much we can add to what has already been said about Yankee Stadium. 


Love the Yankees or hate them, there is only one New York Yankees. Like the city they represent, they are bigger than life. And so is their stadium.

We have elements that we like and dislike about baseball architecture. Things that a ballpark must possess to be considered "great". Yankee Stadium checks many boxes on our list. It misses others by a wide margin. And, you know what?

Yankee Stadium doesn't care about our list. Yankee Stadium would like to tell us, in graphic detail, exactly where we can stick our list.

It's big. It's grandiose. It's not even a ballpark. It's a STADIUM. It says so right there in the name. And it gets away with it, because it's . . . well, Yankee Stadium.

Built in the second half of the 2000s, New Yankee Stadium took "The House that Ruth Built" and refashioned it for the new millennium. Visually, it is a "replica" of the original Yankee Stadium, but bigger, bolder, and newer.


You really have to give the Yankees credit. Imagine the uproar if the Red Sox just announced they were going to tear down Fenway Park and build a brand-new version of Fenway Park instead. Oh, wait, they DID:

And how did that work out for them? Anyone remember? They were lambasted, and the idea never got off the ground. (The renovated/refurbished Fenway Park is a landmark and an icon and God Bless Them for not tearing it down.)

But Yankee Stadium was just as iconic. It was, literally, the House that Babe Ruth Built. It hosted 25 world championships. But they announced it was being torn down for a brand-new replacement with very little opposition.

In some ways, that was because the true "Old Yankee Stadium" was lost during the massive re-build in the 1970s, when the whole structure was basically gutted and re-built. Much of the charm and beauty of the original structure was lost, and -- to their credit -- replicated in the new building.

The new park is meant to replicate the old park, and does a pretty good job of it. If you are sitting in the same seating area in the new place, with a little imagination, your view is not that different than in the old ballpark. 

It's all just . . . nicer. Newer. Bigger. Fresher. More expensive.

But that's all part of the experience. To their credit, they kept the old playing field from the original Yankee Stadium and turned it into "Heritage Field", where kids can play ball where Babe Ruth and Derek Jeter played, in the shadow of the new place.

That's pretty cool.

Should you go to Yankee Stadium if you get the chance? Abso-freakin-lutely. It will cost you an arm and a leg (and maybe a couple of internal organs), but it's absolutely worth it.

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  • Danny: October 22, 2020

    I got to visit this ballpark and had the opportunity to watch the game in a suite (thanks to my former employer). Your review is spot-on and brought back some cool experiences I had during the ballgame. The suite area was unlike any other ballpark. They baked so much history into the floors and suite areas. It was an unbelievable, unique experience, but so cool to learn about the Yankees in a different capacity. This review was a good one! Thanks.

  • Dan Humboldt: October 19, 2020

    I went to visit Yankee Stadium with my dad to watch Notre Dame v Navy. It was an amazing experience and one we will remember forever. We had been to old Yankee Stadium together for Yankee Red Sox but this was more special together.

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