Ballpark Profile: Nationals Park

Name: Nationals Park

Opened: March 30, 2008

Architect: Populous (then HOK Sport)

Cost: $693 Million

Capacity: 41,313

Championships Hosted: none

Of the eight parks we're featuring with these profiles, we have two classics (Fenway and Wrigley), two mid-century marvels (Dodger and Rogers Centre/Skydome), and four modern/retro-feel parks (Ballpark in Arlington, Jacobs/Progressive, AT&T Park, and Nationals Park.)

Among this latter group, Nationals Park feels the least distinctive, but it is also the newest of the group, so it still has time to develop character.

While the interior of Nationals Park evokes a true "ballpark" feel, the exterior has a more modern feel to it, putting it more into the modern style -- along with Cincinnati's Great American Ballpark and Petco Park in San Diego. While I understand the architects' intention and desire to not just make another vintage-style ballpark, I personally feel that these feel more like modern stadiums from the outside, and lose a good deal of the charm and feel of going to a ballpark. But that is, admittedly, personal preference.

(There is a notch in the first-base stands, again very similar to the gap in the third-base side of Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati. I'm not saying that these are a modern-era "cookie cutter" parks reminiscent of RFK and Riverfront from the 1970s, but you gotta admit that there is a certain . . . similarity between Nationals Park and GABP.)

Admittedly, I've been to Nationals Park, but I've never actually seen a game there. The place is usually full, and the fans seem like good solid baseball fans. So, if you have a great experience or memory from Nationals Park, put it in the comments below. The best ballpark comments will get a 2017 Ballpark Blueprints calendar!


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온라인카지노 November 25, 2022

Living within walking distance of Nats Stadium is one of the best parts of living on Capitol Hill. Both of my boys have grown up going to games and those are memories that can never be replaced.

Jacob Beard September 24, 2020

Tried to comment on this the other day when it was the featured ballpark but my comments wouldn’t save. I absolutely love Nats Park. Their club level access is fantastic, I almost felt guilty sitting in the A/C before the game started while most folks were dealing with the 100 degree temps. Beautiful park, friendly staff, and of course, my favorite team!

danielle October 24, 2016

That sunset is awesome

Invasionofmikes October 18, 2016

I love your prints! I need to get a few : )

Allsweaty October 18, 2016

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