Framed option now available

We've gotten a lot of requests for framed options and - after a long search - we've partnered with a great supplier to provide us with custom professional framing of our prints. We think we've done a great job and at a very affordable price:

  • You're getting a real print, not just a laser or inkjet print that gets mounted on backer board. If you ever wanted to take this print out and put it in another frame, you'll find our normal expertly printed product.
  • We have used a crisp, white matte with a 2 1/2" border around the print to really set off the white color on the blueprint but also not overwhelm the print. We think it looks great.
  • The frame is a simple yet elegant 2" wood frame in a smooth black or more natural American Walnut finish. You're sure to find one that goes great with your decor.
  • Finally, we use a clear acrylic glazing that is safe to ship, but also doesn't interfere with viewing the print while protecting it from dust, fingerprints, and fading.
  • All hardware is already mounted and the frame is ready for hanging.

All our prints are available framed now, so visit for more information or to place your order.

For those who want the truly minimalist look, we found these great poster hangers online - a simple way to hang your print without tape, tacks, or frustration.

If you have any comments, please let us know on our contact form.


Ballpark Blueprints Limited


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@David Bunevith – With the framed print, you are getting our high-quality print in a frame so it is very sharp and clear. With the canvas option, since the canvas has some texture there is a bit of distortion on the print if you view it close up. From normal viewing distance it looks great, and all the text and writing on the canvas is clearly readable.

We don’t offer the canvas framed but they are standard sizes, so frames should be easy to find at a local crafts or frame shop in your home town.

Hope that helps!

Marvin Larson - Ballpark Blueprints May 16, 2014

Wondering what’s a better quality, the print that’s framed or the canvas? Canvas seems pretty cool. Is there a way to frame that? If so, do you offer that?

David Bunevith May 15, 2014

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